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Hermajesty's Laws - Intro to book

These are the laws consisting of fucking ridiculous, cockamamie rules given by the self-proclaimed dictator herself, Hermajesty. They allow her to relish on high, her own authority-something that money and power somehow give the rich.

You either play by Hermajesty's manipulative, absurd, and utterly preposterous rules of how she wants shit done, or you can kick rocks. Neither move matters to her because she is the master of her own game. Most females stay around to play for a while. Others, well, they stew in their angry juices.

Rule #1- Hermajesty's first commandment is to never dip in the same pussy pond twice, she lives by the phrase, "There are too many fish in the sea to greet the same one twice." Hermajesty has an addiction to women and sex; thus, she has her fishing pole out every second of every day.

Rule #2- Unless you are accompanying Hermajesty, there is no need to be out past 10pm.

Intro from Hermajesty by Theresa Elizabeth.

Enter the world of Hermajesty. Spoiled rotten to the core. Hermajesty gets what Hermajesty wants. So naturally, when a sudden family tragedy introduces a beautiful yet broken distant cousin, Hermajesty jumps at the opportunity to do the unthinkable.

Hermajesty is available for instant download and in paperback. We invite you to join the fun at where you can find this and other great titles.


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