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2 Book Bundle Broken Bricks and Hermajesty 2

2 Book Bundle Broken Bricks and Hermajesty 2

Grab the 2 newest titles and save $7.


Broken Bricks

A love like no other was
LaSheena Reynold’s
dream relationship and in heartthrob stud, Jarrod Smith,
she discovered such richness and so much more.
Jarrod was the man of her dreams and the most
enriching desire.
A true King to a damsel..
A damsel who, however, finds herself in unexpected
Jarrod represented everything a woman could ever
seek in a man.
The epitome of what a real man should be….
Life should be great, Right?
A love on cloud nine, right?
Well, unfortunately, even real men make mistakes.
And Jarrod’s would lead to secrets that LaSheena will not
see coming, leaving her broken, dazed, and confused.
In this unique and compelling story: love is in the air,
emotions are at an all-time high, while secrets and
deceptions run full circle where the wall of love tumbled
down leading to unforeseen, Broken Bricks.


Hermajesty 2

The truth lurks in the shadows of Hermajesty 2, the newest novel by independent author Theresa Elizabeth.
Ms. Waters is haunted by a past she can't outrun, while Hermajesty will come face to face with her biggest challenge yet.
Can Hermajesty handle the truth, or will her origins destroy her? Find out in Hermajesty 2 Bad Beginnings.

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