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2 Book Bundle Hermajesty 1 and 2

2 Book Bundle Hermajesty 1 and 2

See what all the fuss is about and save with our 2 book bundle of Hermajesty 1 and 2.  Save $7 when you bundle.


Hermajesty 1

Spoiled rotten to the core. Hermajesty gets what Hermajesty wants. So naturally, when a sudden family tragedy introduces a beautiful yet broken distant cousin, Hermajesty jumps at the opportunity to do the unthinkable. Using her position and newfound wealth, she preys on her victims. But are they truly victims if they willingly accept the bait? You be the judge! Travel into this passionate, suspenseful, ad heartfelt novel that will have you on a wave of emotions while gripping the edge of your seat.


Hermajesty 2

The truth lurks in the shadows of Hermajesty 2, the newest novel by independent author Theresa Elizabeth.
Ms. Waters is haunted by a past she can't outrun, while Hermajesty will come face to face with her biggest challenge yet.
Can Hermajesty handle the truth, or will her origins destroy her? Find out in Hermajesty 2 Bad Beginnings.


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