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Dive into the captivating world of TheresaElizabeth, where stories come to life and emotions run deep. Join the urban book club and embark on literary adventures that will stir your soul and ignite your imagination.

Work Husband

“Work Husband” written by “Octavia Grant” First off, this book had me hooked like a catfish on a line. If “crazy for the D” was a novel.. it would be this book right here. Unhinged…Book of the Year.

So, picture this: Crystal works with Lumar, the office charmer, who becomes her “Work Husband”. You know, that colleague who has always got your back. But here’s the twist - David, Crystal’s actual husband, is a no good, lying, cheating, son of a biscuit eater. Crystal was “divorce done” with her soon to be ex husband David and falls head over heels for Lumar. But here’s where it gets wild - she imagines this complete fairy tale with Lumar, thinking they are the power couple in the office. The drama in this book unfolded like an old school noon day soap opera.

But wait, it gets even crazier. Crystal straight-up goes all vigilante on David. After more of David's bricks fall from the sky, landing on Crystal's head like heavy raindrops, she un-alives him. And then, my goodness, this rollercoaster ride, called novella, had me at work screaming, yelping and laughing out loud. I stormed away from my desk over 20 times, reading this one. Crystal convinces herself that she is the main chick of “The Work Husband”, tracks him down, barges into his house of lies, and let us just say things escalate quickly. If I could have been a fly on the wall. OMG!!!

In the end, crystal had no choice but to call 911 on her own self. In the pages of this chaos of love, betrayal and twisted revenge, you are just left there, staring at the book like, ‘Did I just read what could really happen?’

Broken Bricks

Buckle up, fam, ‘cause ‘Broken Bricks’ by Theresa Elizabeth is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish! Picture this: our girl, LaSheena, is making a run for it from her sticky situation in DC, heading straight for the chaos of Baltimore. She’s “wet behind the ears” but desperately ready to take on the world solo-style.

LaSheena meets Mr. Dreamboat at a party, and it’s love at first sight. She has become so smitten; she does not even bat an eyelash at all the red flags. Mr. Dreamboat sweeps LaSheena off her feet, showing her a life she never knew existed, fancy cars, flashy parties, the whole shebang. But here’s where things get a tad complicated. Mr. Dreamboat gets himself locked up, and suddenly LaSheena is like, ‘Wait, what?’

And just when you think you have read it all, here comes the bombshell. Turns out Mr. Dreamboat is not the confident, independent man-about-town LaSheena thought he was. Oh no, he is a 15-year-old kid! What a plot twist that will leave you clutching your pearls.

With each page turn, ‘Broken Bricks’ keeps you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, and scratching your head in disbelief. Theresa Elizabeth serves up a jam-packed novella that’s wild and unpredictable.

So grab a copy, settle in with your favorite blanket, snack, and drink, get ready for a Baltimore MD based love story with LaSheena and Jarrod. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Kingdom (1).jpg


In “Kingdom” by WS Greer, the author masterfully employs a blend of vivid writing techniques, captivating storytelling, and intricate character development to weave a mesmerizing tale of passion and discovery. Set in the realm of BDSM, this modern fairy tale follows the journey of a devoted book fan, who finds herself drawn in a once in a lifetime meeting, where she meets her favorite author.


Greer immerses the reader in a rich tapestry of desire and exploration through his skillful use of language, meticulously choosing every word to heighten the senses and ignite the imagination. With vivid descriptions and just the right amount of stimuli, he brings the intricate dynamics of dominance and submission to life. His writing creates a sensual experience that resonates long after the last page has turned.

At the heart of the story lies the captivating relationship between the fan-turned-lover and the sexually captivating author, whose mutual attraction sparks a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Greer cleverly navigates the complexities of power dynamics and emotional intimacy, driving a hammer deep into the psyche of his characters to reveal their vulnerabilities, desires, and innermost fears.

The reader becomes drawn into a compelling exploration of love, trust, and pursuiting personal fulfillment as the narrative unfolds. Greer skillfully charts the evolution of his protagonists through a series of intimate encounters and heartfelt moments, crafting beautifully flawed, multidimensional characters whose flaws and strengths are laid bare for all to see.

Greer’s writing style is both elegant and provocative, seamlessly blending elements of fantasy and reality to create a world that is familiar and tantalizingly exotic. His fluid storytelling transports the reader to a realm where boundaries are blurred, and inhibitions are cast aside, inviting them to surrender to the allure of their forbidden desires.

Overall, “Kingdom” is a literary masterpiece, showcasing WS Greer’s exceptional talent for writing and his keen insight into the human condition. With its compelling narrative, richly drawn characters, along with a tasty glimpse into BDSM, this novel will leave a lasting impression on anyone who ventures into its tempting embrace.

“His words are the weapon and he has already used them to torture me,” W.S Greer


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