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8 個免費取得 圖書的網站


8 個免費取得書籍的網站

改善線上購物者客戶體驗的 12 種方法


如今的消費者比以往擁有更多的購物地點和方式。 而且他們的注意力持續時間越來越短。 因此,如果您擁有電子商務業務,並且希望線上購物者向您購買商品,您需要能夠快速吸引他們的注意力,並讓購物體驗變得輕鬆愉快。

Create a Station on SoundCloud to Discover New Artists & Songs

In the SoundCloud app, when you find an awesome song, you can build off of it by creating one killer music station that will give you like-minded songs you might not have ever discovered otherwise. And finding cool new songs and artists isn't the only reason to create a SoundCloud station — it's a great opportunity to set the tone of your workday or your party without ever worrying about the music ending.

How to Setup a Twitter Account

Need to send your members a breaking-news update on the legislature or call them to action on an issue before the school board? Twitter is a free, easy-to-use program that allows you to create “tweets,” which are 140-character messages that show up on the twitter pages of your “followers.” How to set up a Twitter account


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