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The best software for authors

Best Book Writing Software

The best software for Authors depends on the individual’s preferences, writing needs, habits, and special features needed or desired. Every software will cater to different aspects of the writer and their process. My advice would be to take advantage of any free trials, test them all out. There are always new and more intricate ones popping up, continuing to give the writer better tools to get the job done.

Here is a list of great software for Authors:

LivingWriter – 2018

No credit card is required.

14 days without any commitment

You have access to your manuscript for 1 full year after you unsubscribe.

Fees from $14.99 a month or $699 one-time lifetime fee

It has more features than Scrivener

Can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Cloud-based, so no lost writing.

Creates outlines and templates.

Great for novels and short stories, but not so much screenplays.

It will organize your blogs and posts.

Compatible with Apple and Android.

Live collaborations.

Has a smart text feature.

Scrivener –

One-time cost of $49

No subscriptions

30 Day free trial

It is not web or cloud-based.

You must use a 3rd party storage service.

Needs to be updated, and some must be purchased.

Tools not easily accessible

You have the capability to view or rearrange your scenes and chapters.

You can create your own templates.

You can purchase a mobile version.

Most used software

Exceptional at screenplays as well as novels.

There are so many that will suit the writer’s fancy.

  • IA Writer $29.99-barebones and not really a software

  • Ulysses $39.99 yr.- MAC only

  • Microsoft Word $129.99- word processor, not book writing software.

  • Google Doc.- FREE -It's still a word processor that may start to lag after so many pages, you can get live edits.

  • FocusWriter- FREE- keeps track of your word count, autosave, and spellchecker.

Try out a few different programs and see which one works for you. The best program will offer customer support, be useful both at home and on the go, and have an affordable price. I can't wait to read what you've written.

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