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11 easy ways to promote your new book.

Here is a short and powerful list of 11 easy ways to promote your new book. So you've written your dream book. After countless hours of work and sacrifice (maybe a few tears, who's counting) you have finally published your book. The beautiful cover lies in your hands and you think " Now what?"

Now comes the greatest work of all. Advertising your book. After all, who's going to buy a book if they've never seen it? Grab your books and let's go advertise it.

An electronic tablet leans against paperback books
Amaozn Kindle meets book lovers on their favorite devices

Amazon Ads: Utilize Amazon's advertising platform to target potential readers directly on the platform where they might be searching for books. Here's a link to check out this program.

A phone in hand with words above it like "social media", "web", and "follow"
There are easily a billion people talking on social media right now. Get them to talk about you.

Social Media: Promote your book on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social Media is a powerhouse to potentially meet millions of people who love to read. Show them your book so they can fall in love. Create engaging content and use targeted advertising.

Book-related Websites: Advertise on websites related to books, literature, and author communities. Look for book blogs, forums, and websites that cater to your book's genre.

Goodreads: Take advantage of Goodreads advertising to reach a community of avid readers. Goodreads is a platform specifically designed for book enthusiasts. Here's a link to this great resource.

Book Clubs and Reading Groups: Reach out to book clubs and reading groups that focus on your book's genre. There's no better way to engage than having your book chosen for a book club. Offer special deals or discounts for their members, the publicity will be worth its weight in gold.

Local Bookstores and Libraries: Partner with local bookstores and libraries for book signings or promotional events.

Beautiful hardbound books in a row.
The local bookstore and library were created to house your book. Give them a call.

Local Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets: There's no better audience than your local neighbors. Grab a fold-out table, your books, and a pen, and go meet people at a local craft fair or farmers market. People love to meet authors and ask questions.

Email Marketing: Build an email list and send newsletters to your subscribers, keeping them informed about your book updates, promotions, and events.

Book Fairs and Events: Attend or advertise at book fairs, literary events, and conferences related to your book's genre.

Paperback books lay on a table
Find a local book fair or event and meet your audience. Make a great impression and allow peole to say "I've met that author"

Author Collaborations: Partner with other authors for cross-promotions. You can share each other's work with your respective audiences.

Online Communities: Engage with online communities such as Reddit, forums, or groups related to your book's theme. If your book's subject is "a journey on the river" consider joining groups that enjoy books, the outdoors, fishing, boating, and whatnot. Meet your audience where they are in life. Be careful to follow community guidelines when promoting.

Tailor your advertising strategy to your target audience and the genre of your book for the most effective reach.

Make sure to remember - You can write the best book ever written, but if no one knows about it then they can't enjoy your story. Now that you have written and published your book, it is time to shout from the rooftops. "Come read the best story".

Theresa Elizabeth is the author of 4 unputdownable books including Hermajesty, Hermajesty 2, Girls' Night Out, and Broken Bricks.When she is not writing, she is dreaming of her next raw characters' stories. You can find her on Kindle or her website where she regularly publishes blogs to help new authors.


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