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Can you write and publish a book?

So, you want to write a book, and you SHOULD. Everyone has a story to share. If you can’t stop thinking about it, if it’s your every time something good or bad goes down story, if that story haunts you in your dreams at night, if you believe in your heart that your story could help someone else. WRITE IT!! That idea, or unbelievable experience, that awkward moment, that teachable moment or that love story that shook your world; could be the next best seller. Who knows but if you never try; that story will be just that a story. If you’re ready to move on to the next step there are some things I would like to share with you from my experiences.

Commitment: In order to write a book, you must commit time. It doesn’t have to be hours on hours, just devote 30 minutes every day for 30 days. You will open something within you that will tug on your need to find more time to write, you will find inspiration all around you. A song that struck a chord deep within you, driving in your car, or something relative that popped up on the internet, I can go on and on.

Don’t Worry: If your spelling is wrong, or you don’t know what’s the proper punctuation to use, don’t even worry if any of it makes a bit of sense to anybody but you. That’s what good editors are for. Everyone starts out writing crap but soon with persistence you will get better.

My motto: Good Better Best, Never Let It Rest, Until Your Good Is Your Better and Your Better Is Your Best.

Don’t Rush: Not one portion of the book writing process. Yes, writing a book is a process, once you have written your masterpiece you need someone that you can trust to commit to reading it and entrust them with giving honesty. But don’t let someone’s OPINION hold you back, its ok to seek a professional.

“Constructive criticism”: Prepare yourself for this one. Not everyone has the heart to tell you what you NEED to hear, there will be those who will give it to you with goodness in their hearts. Use it!! Then spin it your way. You also must put on your suit of armor for the folks that say they support you and they really don’t; but take whatever they are giving and keep it moving. Don’t allow any negativity to stop your progress.

Have good support: “Someone that will assist you in your growth” means more than words can say.

Be BRAVE: Failure is a part of life. So do it anyway. But really concentrate on the lessons that hide within.

WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN: instantly!!!! Can’t preach this enough. Even if that thought hits you at 2 in the morning, take a moment to write it down. Don’t risk losing a monumental puzzle piece. Keep post it notes, a small notebook, recorder or even save it into your phone; whatever your method of choice just as long as you can go back to it later.

Self-Doubt: Find a motivational Mantra or daily affirmations that you can read every day. Then get into a routine of manifesting them every day. Learn to create peace within yourself. Learn on a daily basis to love yourself and the progress that you have made no matter how small.

Don’t write a book just for the sole purpose of making money: It would be better to focus your skill on your audience and the delight that goes along with someone taking interest in your


Thank you so very much for following along with me Theresa Elizabeth on this fantastic book writing journey. In this blog I would like to encourage all to do something worth writing about or write something worth reading; One step at a time it can be done, let's work together, network and build dreams.

Theresa Elizabeth is native to the Washington DC/ Baltimore MD area

She and her wife together are raising her two nieces as thier own. HERMAJESTY, Girls Night Out and BROKEN BRICKS are her tokens to the fictional world thus far; with no plans on stopping.

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