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Editing is the process- view from a Self-published Author

Editing is a multi- level process.

When we edit here at Tresa Publications we use a multilevel process to create a fluid, enjoyable reading experience.

Our multi-level process allows us to focus on 2 key elements. Content editing and Line and Copy editing. These elements can make or break a story and bring it from so-so to a memorable book everyone wants to read.

Each level is absolutely critical in developing your rough draft into a functioning manuscript.

Major Edits - Content Editing

Development and structural editing is also known as content editing. This type of editing reconstructs the meat and potatoes of your story. This is the area where you go deep into your content taking a comprehensive look. It is necessary to allow your readers to clearly understand what you need them to know and allow your story to flow freely.

All though structural and development editing go hand and hand, they are very different and I stress very essential if you want a well written manuscript.

Developmental Editing Explained

Developmental editing happens when you go over the main elements of your story. The things that should be addressed are theme, plot, characters, dialogues, the novels setting and its temp and feel.

While each main point is reviewed for fluidity, and need. The feelings that the story provoke for the reader should be kept in mind during developmental editing.

Tip #1. Read out loud

Tip #2. Don't be afraid to move things around.

Tip #3. Paint a clear picture for your readers by showing not telling

Tip #4. Be fearless, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Line and Copy Editing Explained

Line and copy editing deals with grammar and punctuation. Corrections will include spelling and proper word choice. This type of editing will fine tune and polish your work. During this stage your eyes will bleed your story, but every line must be examined closely. What sounds great in the writers head must come crystal clear to the reader.

Tip #1. Mistakes will be made, hire a professional editing service.

No matter what, don't skip any of the editing process. Each level will be repetitive, but each step is a necessary component.

There is a false rumor, that you only have to do each editing phase once. That will be the worst mistake in becoming a accomplished author.

There is no good fast shortcuts

The lack of commitment will show to your readers.

Tip: There is no such thing as perfection.

Theresa Elizabeth is an accomplished author who loves helping aspiring authors live their dreams. You can follow her blog at to stay up to date with author advice, new novels and book signings.

HerMajesty, the debut novel from author Theresa Elizabeth, is available for instant download on Kindle.

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