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Get to Know the Author part 1- Solitaire

Whatever time of the morning when the sun shines into my bedroom, I'm up.

More times than not; I’m woke before. I just don’t wanna get from under my warm blanket. If I come back to bed and my mind refuses to stop talking to me about something, then I have to write. I finally get up outta bed, find my favorite slippers and tiptoe downstairs so as not to wake anyone up,

I do everything in the dark. Like a robot I make my favorite Nespresso coffee, three pumps caramel, three pumps sweet cream and two pumps snickers flavored creamer; I like my coffee hot, strong and sweet.

While my morning brew is going, I light my candle of the day, turn on my computer and spark up a Black and Mild.

Before I type one word it’s a must that I play Grandmaster Solitaire, I really do hate this game, but I have come to recognize it's not the game itself; it's my focus, prayers and talks that take place between me and GOD while I play that I love the most. I deliberately strive to be the best at everything I do but writing about myself scares the hell out of me, but with it also comes jubilation. After each book a small amount of trauma gets lifted from my shoulders.

My stories come from some of the deepest, darkest times within my life that I have never shared with no one. I believe my superpower is having the ability of weaving the truth closely knitted into an intricate web of fiction. (Downplaying the trauma) it doesn’t make it less true just easier on the soul. I often laugh to myself as my readers try to figure it and me out, while keeping the truth between me and the only one who will never share my secrets. Many times, I question those moments, after magically transforming “life” into one simple chapter.

The game of Solitaire reminds me that life is just a game we play, most of the time you feel like you're losing, but you keep playing. What I am learning about myself is that I don’t give my wins enough credit; they all count!!! I now allow the life lessons (so called losses) to guide me back to that next win with patience.

I am an amateur writer, brand new to this Author world, putting myself out here for all the world to read and judge; its petrifying but I’m going to keep playing. My Godmother would recite this over and over “Good, Better, Best never let it rest until your good is your better and your better is your best”. It took me a while to get here but by his will I made it thus far.


Theresa Elizabeth is a four-time author of such works as HerMajesty, Broken Bricks and Girls Night Out. She writes easy reads that can be read in a weekend and pack a wild punch every time. Follow her on Instagram to see all the latest @TheresaElizabeth1.

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Jovita Reid
Jovita Reid
18. Okt. 2022

Awesome author, awesome reads, awesome person!

Gefällt mir
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