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Girls Night Out - Chapter One

Sista Friends

Over the years, "Girls' Night Out" had become a ritual, where us Sista-friends got together for a much-needed unauthorized counseling session. This gathering was a place where we congregated to relax, relate, release- and it didn't hurt that there were always free-flowing drinks, bomb weed, and food for the soul.

We started meeting once a month for about an hour or so, but soon realized that with the stresses of the world, hectic home life, and I'm not even going to mention the forbidden four-letter word "LOVE"- and all the bullshit that comes along with that- monthly wasn't enough. We changed it to every other weekend and when that wasn't enough, we started doing all-nighters. Plus, the group started quickly multiplying.

GNO was the one night where we could freely put all of our cards on the table and release all our frustrations while still being accepted with all our flaws. It was about good old-fashioned gossip. We needed that moment to reflect while listening to other people's bullshit: it reminded us that ours might not be all that bad. It also allowed us to put down our mental baggage, even if just for a few hours. Even though we got on each other's last nerve most of the time, there was a shared love that only true friends would understand. this was our little slice of heaven.

Theresa Elizabeth writes from her heart. She has written Hermajesty, Girls Night Out and is excited to release Broken Bricks in June 2022.

With a pulse on current urban lifestyles and a strong flair for love, family and friends: this novelist brings stories to life.

Take a look around to find her novels, learn how she became an author and keep up with this new up and coming author.

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