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Girls Night Out- leaked content

Theresa Elizabeth is leaking backstories from our favorite books!

Girls Night Out

Girls' Night Out is a whitty, relatable, true-to-life story about a group of females who have built bonds that they thought were unbreakable.

The leak is right here....

My deepest regret is marrying this cheating, lying asshole, but I made a promise to GOD that I would be a good wife, a loving wife and until death do us part kinda wife.

I sit here motionless and dumbfounded with a tear stained face as I watch my husband, the father of my children, usher one stripper after another behind the velvet curtain of the Boom Boom Room.

Theresa Elizabeth creates the ultimate urban landscape in her novels. True to life and heart stopping, it is easy to root for your favorite character as they travel roads that we have all wandered past.

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