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Reading is FUN-damental

Reading is FUN-damental. The steps we take today to improve our minds and willpower will repay us a hundredfold over the course of generations.

Find a book...

Start with what your interests are

Pick a genre

Ask for recommendations from like-minded people

Set Realistic Goals

Start with realistic, easy, manageable goals

Aim for 15-30 minutes a day

Gradually increase your reading time

Add/ create a wish list/log

Create a reading space

Dedicate a comfortable and inviting space where you can relax without distractions

Include calming things like your favorite candles, good lighting, and a comfortable chair or cushion

Indulge in your favorite coffee or tea

Visit local libraries and bookstores

Participate in a book club or reading group

Make what you love (READING) a social activity

Set aside reading time

Make reading a part of your daily routine

Set aside specific reading, to help form a habit

Prioritize reading over TV/ social media time

Enjoy what you read

Don’t force yourself to finish a book that you’re not enjoying

It's okay to choose something else

Give yourself permission to start anew

Explore different formats

Besides traditional books consider audio books or even e-books, they can be easier to access with today’s technologies.

Set a good example

Reading in the presence of others can and will encourage others to follow

It will help develop a love for reading within someone else like small children and young adults

Challenge yourself

Discover new interest by stepping out of your comfort zone

Try a new genre, author, or subject

Keep a reading journal

Jot down your favorite quotes, reflections, or just your favorite part in a good book

You will want to share.. don’t hold back, it's ok to disclose your love for reading

Sharing your enthusiasm can be contagious

Be patient

Developing a love for reading takes time, don’t rush the process

Enjoy and take pride in having a (me time) routine while indulging in a good book

Relax, relate, and release, reading is a personal journey

Find joy, find imagination, find love

Theresa Elizabeth is a self-published author with many books under her belt.

She loves to write stories about strong women and their passions and how they navigate through the current world. Aptly known as the Cliffhanger Queen and the Author of Urban Beach Reads. You can find her books on Amazon for Kindle or her website at

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