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Write a book review for your Authors

Authors thrive on reviews. Think about it, how do you find a great book? Usually, the cover jumps out at you, or the title catches your eye, but most of the time someone recommends a great read to you.

There are hundreds of books that I’ve read because they were recommended by my local librarian, a friend or television show.

The rise of a small author is such an exciting time. To begin the journey with an author and watch them grow in popularity is one of the coolest joys in life.

To be able to say “I knew that author when they wrote their first book” adds an element of intrigue to common conversations.

Small authors thrive on your book review. It is the best way to spread the word about a great read.

But how do you review a book? There are so many questions Do you give end away? How do you describe the feelings from reading? How to explain how this story helped your life?

Let’s make it simple and quick.

  1. Take a picture with the cover

  2. Give the author praise or constructive criticism and or advice.

  3. Remember to uplift not bash.

  4. It's OK to be honest but write your review with love.

  5. Encourage that inspiring author to reach further not tear them down.

You will make your favorite authors whole day or week to hear what you think of their novel.

Remember authors have thick skin, they’ve put their deepest secrets inside their stories.

Theresa Elizabeth is the self proclaimed author of Urban Novel Beach Reads.

Her Authorship started with HerMajesty and has quickly escalated to a love affair with bringing real, gritty stories to life.

HerMajesty and Girls Night Out are available on Kindle. You can also visit her website to have paperbacks mailed to your doorstep. While you are there, please subscribe to her email list or drop a line to chat with the author herself.

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