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Writer's Advice- Don't let fear stand in your way of success

Don’t let fear stand in your way of success...

Imposter Syndrome- One’s self-doubt and lack of confidence. Feeling unworthy or undeserving.

Writing stories for people to read and enjoy is a great labor of love. There are few other mediums of art that can change a person's mind, teach them and enter their soul quite like a good book can.

Having written a few books, I want to share some advice for the aspiring novelist. These lessons were hard learned through trial and error and personal suffering. At some point in your writing, you will feel like giving up. Maybe the story isn't quite how you like it, or you're looking at another blank page after ripping up most of your novel.

I want to encourage you to continue writing the story that you feel in your soul. If you can feel the story, then somewhere in this world someone needs to feel that story too.

Every artist has to practice, not only writing which should be done every day to practice the skill, but also practice mental strength. Use these words of advice as a lesson in positive mental self-talk. Instead of criticizing your work as you go, look for the positive steps you are making towards your goals.

1. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. No one starts at the top, without lessons learned your dreams will not grow.

2. Take small steps and take a moment to celebrate each step this will motivate you towards your next step.

3. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It can be lonely and scary but after each task is conquered, the rewards will give you self-confidence.

4. Don’t emotionally overload yourself. This will cause you to quit. Always remember that discomfort is a normal part of the process.

5. Focus only on your strides, don’t compare yourself/situation to another. You will find yourself overshadowing your ability to stand out while being unique.

6. Find your niche, then expand on that. This may take some time to discover but that’s ok.

7. Vision yourself right where you want to be… open your mind to greater possibilities for yourself.

8. And by all means keep going, you’re in full control of your success.

If you give up, then you do not grow, and the world misses out on your valuable stories and ideas. If you continue to try not only, do you grow mentally strong, but you also give the world stories that can change their souls, minds and ideals.

Theresa Elizabeth is the author of Hermajesty, Girls Night Out and Broken Bricks. Each novel starts as a feeling in her heart and nags at her soul until it is written and given to the world. To get to know her and her work please visit

On her website there is information for new authors, sneak peeks at new novels and her books which are lovingly described as Urban Beach reads.

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